It’s here! The new and improved Able Air & Power Tools online for all of you to enjoy!

We’ve added a lot more to this website but making it an online shop isn’t one of them. Why you ask? Because we can’t offer our service or our expertise online. We want you to come in, we want to see how your days going and we want to make sure you walk out of our shop getting what you actually need…not what you don’t.

“Offering our depth of knowledge and experience in the Power Tool, Compressor and service field is one of the best things we can do for our customers. We want to be able to help our customers so they’re able to get on with the job they’ve got to do. Selling is one thing, helping is another, and that’s what we’re here for”

You aren’t in this game for 30 years and not pick up a few things. We know we’ve been slow to get online but we’ll make up for it with industry specific news and events that’ll be available here. Our specials will also be up, all you’ll have to do is call or email and let us know what you want and we’ll organise the rest. This website isn’t meant to be an ‘online, get-in-get-out’ style site, it’s a place for you to get the info you need with a little extra on-top. Who knows, we may even add an online shop later down the track.

So from all of us at Able Air & Power Tools, we hope you enjoy the website and find it as useful as it can be for you.

Alfie Falleti – Area Manager